14 January 2006

What Next?

Well said from The Officers' Club.

At this point in the negotiations process (if you can even call it that), it may be time to call a spade a spade. This move by the Iranians was a harsh slap in the face to European representatives fighting for a diplomatic resolution to the crisis. Salvaging the negotiations will be difficult, especially when the Iranians refuse to even show up to the table. Diplomacy has failed, time to move on.

The question of whether or not Iran will play diplomatic ball has been answered, they won't. Now we have to ask "what next?"
What next? Well, we have to give diplomacy a chance. How long do we say that? Do we give them the same amount of time we gave Iraq? Do we give them 10% more time? The question is absurd: we give them no time. Diplomacy has turned into a game of pussy-footing.

What needs to happen is France and Germany should take due offense at Iran's ploy, and lead a strike. Then maybe we could sell Iran weapons and buy their oil, let Europe do all the work, use the death of their young men as a red herring in our politics, and when the dust settles demand that we have a say in the future of Iran.

Does ANYONE trust France and Germany to deal with Iran? Think about it: do you entrust the security of the world to them? I certainly don't trust France with it, given the dispositions of the French people, and Germany's Merckel has yet to prove her mettle (though I see promise there). I would trust a British-led European coalition, but how likely is that to exclude the United States?

Let them play their politics in Europe. It makes me wish they would revitalize their monarchies and go back to an age where Europe was truly the crux of human civilization. How very ball-dropping of them.

Michelle Malkin