11 August 2005

Dear Mrs. Sheehan

Dear Mrs. Sheehan,

We at the Aspiring Scholar are very sorry for your loss. As an army officer cadet and simultaneous member of the New Jersey National Guard, my heart goes to you and the family of every other soldier lost in combat. I dread the day I will have to write or call people just like you.

However, you are on a path to personal destruction. Any cheap Holywood production (like, say, a George Lucas production or a Tom Cruise film) knows that harboring revenge and striking out is not the way to peace. The President met with you in June, and you said you felt better knowing that he is sincere in his crusade for freedom (yes, crusade) and knowing that he is truly a man of faith. Please remember how you felt then and stop this nonsense waste of your time. You cannot expect President Bush to agree to meet with you again, when so far your form of petition has been, "I'm going to sit outside your Texas ranch until you do." Little kids try this all the time, and there is a very good reason parents don't accede to it. Accepting help from MoveOn-dot-org (I spell it out to avoid being accused to linking to them) also does not help your case, as it makes it appear that you are willing to politicize your son's death.

Your family calls on you to stop. They have taken the high road, the road to peace, saying, "The rest of the Sheehan Family supports the troops, our country, and our President, silently, with prayer and respect." I advise you to do the same. I think if you look inside yourself, and look to the Lord with prayer, you will find the peace you need, and you will definitely realize that your current actions are only hurting you, your family, and Casey's name (God rest his soul).

The nation feels your pain, but we also want to see you gain peace. Vengeance and anger do not beget healing.

God bless you and your family.

Yours in Freedom and in Christ,

The Aspiring Scholar


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The Aspiring Scholar said...

So... some independent doctor from a liberal university is asserting that the president is insane (backed up by the austere Doug Thompson's assertion that drunken employees bad mouth their boss), and and "indie" online newspaper thinks the election was stolen - yet the language in that article smacks of communist rants throughout history.

Hitler had "evidence" that Jews were ruining the economy, and I'm sure that some people who work for mother Theresa thought she was crazy or moody. Psychologists could show evidence that a tree is insane, "prove" that guilty people are innocent because they are insane, or show that clearly deranged people are well within their right mind.

Are you with MoveOn-dot-org or...?

oh noes said...

Yes, all those things could happen, and more importantly: ignorant people who cannot form logical thinking about realistic situations in our society often latch onto the party whose propaganda has swayed their weak minds. Oh, and remember: Republican rhetoric, ridiculously unfounded statements attempting to connect anyone that disagrees with you with communists or fascists, and playing off popular belief with dismissals of valid arguments do not an argument make.

The Aspiring Scholar said...

My first response was a long-winded version of "liberal professors pretending to be experts on the president's mental health and conspiracy theorists from independent newspapers do not a Noes's argument make".

You are right, but I was not trying to make an argument in response to yours (which, incidentally, weren't yours at all, but Doug Thompson's and Project Censored's), but instead a challenge to you to show the validity, or the relevance, of your references.

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