27 November 2005

The Game is Over

Let's stop pretending that we aren't killing people.

50 Babies a Year Survive Attempted Murder

They are currently not considering pressing chargers against their attackers.

This is it. We've hit the wall. Abortion advocates must now say: a woman's right to choose supercedes a human's right to live. Or they must call it the sin and crime that it is and join the fight to end it.

They tried to avoid answering it before by calling into question whether the baby was viable, whether it was alive, and a number of other half-baked red herrings (half baked herrings are dead, by the way).

The game is over. We are not talking about "pretend" people, potential people, genetic material, or animals. We are talking about people, not merely humans. We are talking about BABIES being MURDERED.

Your turn, NARAL.

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BonnieJ said...

I ran into a vegetarian at a forum I visit. He stated something about animals being helpless, and US having the gall to kill and eat them, and then wouldn't answer my question about whether he was pro-life or not.

It's very sad.

Michelle Malkin