29 May 2005


And so it begins, a new era in my voyage dark. The internet and I have a long and twisted history, and this represents the opening of a new chapter therein. I propose a toast, to a long and prosperous life in the blogosphere.

It is a small wonder - and an honor all the same - to join the world's greatest minds in this truly modern phenomenon. I only hope to make a respectable and positive contribution over here. I have no illusions that this will be easy: this side of the aisle - the right side (double entendre intended) - is swarming with brilliant political analysts, legal scholars, and some people who are just plain talented.

Bear with me as I strive to develop the exact mission of this blog and determine what sorts of things will make it to the page. There may be no apparent unifying criterion for several weeks.

Welcome, and enjoy the champagne.

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