04 June 2005

Condi 2008?

Thanks to one of my readers (perhaps my only one) for this look ahead about the 2008 race. Some wonderful speculation.

Unfortunately, we may have to let the Dems run Hillary while we run a strong male candidate... it's not as though the Dems need many more nails in their coffins. Dr. Rice and Guliani would both make excellent Presidents of this great nation, although Condi hasn't been elected to any major office in the past. Rudy should get in the Senate, Condi should run as VP alongside a good republican WASP (Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney?), and the Condi/Guiliani ticket could take the White House by storm in 2012.

But all this is wishful thinking. Of course, I'd still like to see Arnold do a tour in the Senate and maybe hold a cabinet position.

Take a look at the Looking Ahead post and let me know what you think of these candidates. Perhaps we'll hold a pre-election rally here at the Aspiring Scholar. Champagne will be on us, of course.

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