05 June 2005

European Commonsense

The Telegraph has posted a replacement for the European Union. Section III is very American states' rights - a nice touch to be sure. My addition (this is more conceptual, so it belongs more at the beginning):

Section X: Member states shall be free to determine their own relationships with and attitudes toward the United States. It is the intention of this endeavor to ensure a spirit of constructive competition, both in terms of a free market and a free society, wherein two great civilizations [ancient and venerable Europe and powerful, industrious, responsible America] might bring humanity to a new height of flourish.

A bit too flowery, as most things I write. But this is the general attitude we need to adapt. If a United Europe and a United States have a competing market, competing arts, competing sciences, the world will rise to new heights. It seems the United States takes some stewardship of developing South America, Europe has a vested interest in Asia, and the whole lot of us takes care of Africa to a certain - although inadequate - degree.

I've always dreamed of a Federation of Allied States. The United Kingdom and The United States are two very powerful and very influential nations, and I'd like to have seen Prime Minister Blair and President Bush capitalize more on their strong relationship. Perhaps in the next 4 years we'll see some encouraging developments.

Until then: heu, vae victis.

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