05 June 2005

The Media as Usual


From the US Army's website vs. Winner of a Pulitzer

As an Army guardsman and an officer cadet, I ask you all to read GaijinBiker's analysis of the pulitzer winners. See his collection of photos from the Army's website showing some positive aspects of the war, as well.

US Army Photo was displayed on army.mil

AP Photo: Fallujah - A U.S. Marine leads an Iraqi prisoner during fighting in the center of the city. (Photo by Anja Niedringhaus, November 12, 2004.)

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Suni J. R. Minorics said...

Lee, I can't express how much anger I felt when I saw this picture. What saddened me more was that my boyfriend and others couldn't tell the difference or fathom the fact this information is possible.

I think we need to discuss this more openly with the general public - oh wait, that'll never happen.

Good to know others are bringing it to attention. I've actually referred friends to your site.

Congratulations, you've got readers!

Michelle Malkin